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Add sailing to your bucket list !
Have fun riding the wind on the lake

The North Okanagan Sailing Association (NOSA) again provides a number of sailing classes in the 2021 summer season.

Youth Classes
 give youth the opportunity to build sailing skills and on-water fitness in a fun and engaging environment. Courses from three to ten days in length will familiarize the sailor primarily with safety, and then comes the fun and meeting new friends.

Adult Courses are designed to provide the opportunity to gain valuable sailing skills in a manageable time-frame for working people, running Thursday and Friday evenings and day-time over the weekend. Private courses may be accommodated on request as well.

Family Weekend Classes give families the opportunity to learn to sail together. These are Saturday and Sunday classes and may be combined with an ongoing adult class. A single Family class is geared toward the existing skills of the participants, but does not necessarily lead to a certificate. Families of at least 3 are accepted to this program.

Thinking about becoming a NOSA member and make use of our Boat-Share program? Please go to the Membership tab to learn more or register.

Please choose the appropriate link below:
ADULT CANSail is suitable for ages 18+ and YOUTH CANSail is recommended for youth ages 8-17


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