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Add sailing to your schedule this summer! Have fun riding the wind…

The North Okanagan Sailing Association (NOSA) will be providing three distinct programs for 2018.
Adult Courses are designed to provide the opportunity to gain valuable sailing skills in a manageable time-frame for working people, running Thursday and Friday evenings and day-time over the weekend.
Youth Programs give youth an opportunity to build real sailing skills and on-water finesse in a fun and engaging environment. Courses from three to ten days in length will familiarize them primarily with safety, and then comes the fun and meeting new friends.

Thinking about racing in regattas or simply honing your on-water skills? Talk to us about training camps with BC Sailing at the coast or becoming a NOSA member!

CANSail Courses

NOSA’s CANSail 1 lessons will introduce you to basics of sailing a two person dinghy and provide you with the foundations for terminology, wind reading, and rigging your boat. CANSail 2 courses will provide you with the basics to enable you to safely navigate a small dinghy as crew and eventually as a skipper. Graduates of CANSail 2 programs meet the minimum prerequisites to rent and skipper dinghies from most Sail Canada member sailing clubs across Canada including NOSA. This is your gateway to solo sailing in our fantastic Boatshare fleet! For information on our CANSail 3 and 4 courses please review the links below.


Please choose the appropriate link below:
ADULT CANSail is suitable for ages 18+ and YOUTH CANSail is recommended for youth ages 8-17


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Last updated September 3, 2018