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All race skippers should register at www.iSailRace.com under the “NOSA Club Race Night 2020” event.  We will be using this on-line program to calculate and track race results over the season.  Sailors will be able to log-in to iSailRace to view the results throughout the season.

NOSA 2020 Racing Instructions

Races take place every Thursday evening from May 14 until September 3.

Boats must be rigged and on the water by 6:00 PM with the five minute warning for the first race sounding at 6:10 for a 6:15 start. Last race must start before the sun touches the hills on the north side of the lake.

Time Limit
For all races, the maximum time for the first boat to cross the finish line shall be 60 minutes. Any boat that doesn't cross the line within 30 minutes of the first boat crossing the finish line shall be scored as Did Not Finish (DNF).

All boats must be rigged according to their class rules and federal regulations(e.g. bailers, paddles, and floating line). All skippers and crews must wear a PFD at all times during the races.

Race Committee
The race committee must set out the starting line markers before the first race and bring them in after the last race unless a permanent seasonal start line is created. The race committee starts all of the races for the evening and records all results. Results are to be published within two days of the race.

The starting system will follow ISAF racing rules and will be as follows:

5 minutes until race start

Class flag up

One short sound

4 minutes until race start

Blue Prep flag up

One short sound

1 minute until race start

Blue Prep flag down

One long sound

race start

Class flag down

One short sound

*Note Prior to the warning signal a series of short sounds may be used to notify sailors that the warning signal is about to be given.

If there are multiple fleets being started separately then the class flags are:

Red – X multihull;
Yellow – X monohull and
White – Specific class e.g. Laser or Sea Spray

The number of fleets will be decided by the race committee before the start of the first race and communicated to the skippers.


Postponement - the postponement re/white/red/white will be displayed with 2 long sounds.

General Recall– First Substitute Flag will be displayed with 2 long sounds. After the First Substitute has been lowered a new start sequence will commence with the raising of the Warning flag.

Individual Recall– The X flag will be displayed with 1 long sound. X flag will remain displayed until all over-early boats are completely on the pre-start side of the line.

The race committee shall set the course for each race. The marks used are A, B, Q, and C. A is the yellow channel marker just west of the Vernon Yacht Club;
Q is the yellow channel marker west of A;
C is the yellow channel marker at the east end of the lake;
B is the pale spherical marker north of the paddlewheel clubhouse.

All markers are to be rounded to Port unless otherwise directed by the race committee.

Start and Finish Lines
The start and finish lines shall be between the starting marker (the first green buoy) and the second green buoy) and the east dock. Prior to the start of a race, boats may not cross over the start line after the four minute to race start warning.  If they cross over the start line prior the start, they must completely recross the start line with all parts of their boat. Boats are subject to sanction at the discretion of the race committee.

Boats protesting may verbally register a protest with another boat by hailing them. A boat is not required to display a red flag to register a protest with the race committee. Protests must be written on a CYA protest form and delivered to the race committee within 30 minutes of the end of the last race of the day. NOSA races follow the Rules of Racing are the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020.

Alternate Penalty
A boat may acknowledge a protest by performing a 360° turn at the first safe opportunity. During this maneuver the boat must avoid all other racers.

When a mono-hull collides with another monohull, the boat at fault shall perform a 720' turn at the first safe opportunity.

When a mult-hull collides with another mono-hull or multi-hull, the milti-hull at fault shall perform a 360' turn at the first safe opportunity.

The NOSA scoring system, a modified low points scoring system based on Appendix A4.1 of
The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 217-2020, will be used to score all classes.

Penalty scores shall be assessed as follows:

Penalty Points assessed

Did Not Compete (DNC)        # of boats plus 4
Did Not Start (DNS)              # of boats plus 3
Disqualified (DSQ)                # of boats plus 2
Did Not Finish (DNF)             # of boats plus 1

**A score of OOD will be assigned to any boat that acts as the race committee rather than racing. The points for OOD are the average of all other points assigned to the boat over the series. This effectively removes the penalty for acting as the race committee rather than racing.

For the X-Monohull and X-Multihull fleets the Portsmouth wind adjusted handicap will be used. The values are assigned by the Racing Director and posted on the official notice board. Values are not subject to appeal.

There will be one throw-out race for every 6 races completed.

All results will be posted within two days of racing at the club as well as online on the website
Racing page.

Club year end awards will be distributed to the top U19 sailor as well as the top 19+ Sailor

Race Rules

ISAF International Racing Rules

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Last updated June 1, 2020