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picCANSail Recognized Courses

CANSail Courses
NOSA’s CANSail 1 lessons will introduce you to basics of sailing a two person dinghy and provide you with the foundations, like terminology, wind reading, and rigging your boat and boat handling. 

CANSail 2 courses will provide you with the basics to enable you to safely navigate a small dinghy as crew and as skipper. Graduates of CANSail 2 programs meet the minimum prerequisites to rent and skipper dinghies from most Sail Canada member sailing clubs across Canada including NOSA’s Boat-share program.

CANSail 3 and 4 classes will improve your sailing skills, sail efficiently and upon achieving CANSail 4 level you qualify for further training for instructor or coach with BC Sailing or Sail Canada.

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The Summer Program for 2019 is run as follows:

Youth CANSail
1 or 2
Monday to Friday
9AM to 3PM

Adult CANSail 1
CANSail 2

 Thursday Friday 6PM to 9PM Saturday Sunday 9AM to 3PM

Adult and Youth
CANSail 3
      (2 weeks)
CANSail 4
(1 week)

Monday to Friday 9AM to 3 PM with Thursday evening participation in the club races from 6PM to sunset

July 1 to July 5

June 27 to June 30

July 8 to July 12

July 4 to July 7

July 15 to July 19

July 11 to July 14

CANSail 3

CANSail 4

July 22 to July 26

July 18 to July 21

July 8 - 12
July 15 - 19

July 22 - 26
July 29 to Aug 2

Aug 5 - 9
Aug 12 - 16


July 8 – 12

July 15 - 19

July 22 - 26

July 29 - Aug 2

Aug 5 - 9

Aug 12 - 16




July 29 to August 2

July 25 to July 28

August 5 to August 9

August 1 to August 4

August 12 to August 16

August 8 to August 11

August 19 to August 23

August 15 to August 18

August 26 to August 30

August 22 to August 25

August 29 to September 1

Cost of courses:
Youth CANSail 1:                        5 days (30 hours)              $250 per student
Youth CANSail 2:                        5 days (30 hours)              $250 per student
Adult  CANSail 1:                        4 days (18 hours)              $180 per student
Adult  CANSail 2:                        4 days (18 hours)              $180 per student
CANSail 3 (youth or adult)           10 days (64 hours)            $400 per student
CANSail 4 (youth or adult)           5 days (32 hours)              $250 per student

Situated on the historic Okanagan Landing, NOSA provides the perfect spot for learning to sail with the benefit of a safe compound.


Enroll your children before school ends Don't let the summer fly by!
NOSA operates its lessons throughout the July and August months. NOSA offers its sailing lessons to students of ages 8 to 17

Private lessons more info...

picThere is no typical day at NOSA as each day is filled with fun and adventure. Students will be exposed to a thriving environment that builds concentration and team work skills. There is just so much to do, we can barely fit in all in one summer! Remember, these operate all summer long. The whole summer plan includes a variety of activities centered around sailing. Each week something new will happen! Be sure to book early for one, two or more week sessions.

Requirements: In order to ensure your child is registered, we must receive payment in full at least one week prior to the course
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